When And If You Should Raise Venture Capital

Acceptance and Volatility – Are They Related?

Acceptance and Volatility – Are They Related?

There are many sources of early stage funding: SBIR grants, angel investments, bank loans, credit cards, your friends and family, consulting revenue, but it seems that any time someone has a great idea (or thinks he does), that his immediate reaction is “I’ll fund this using venture capital.”

Venture capital definitely has its place in the finance and investing world, but it is not the only source, nor always the best source, of early-stage capital.

Venture capital is best at providing a large chunk of cash for a business that is growing so fast that cash needs just can’t be met through revenue generation. The goal is to grow the business so large that no matter how much of the company the VC owns, everyone gets rich.

When Not to Raise Venture Capital and Cryptocurrency Investor

If you have a technology that is still in the course of development, venture capital is probably not the best source of funds. If you are still developing a product and have no revenue and no means for revenue in the near future, the valuation you will get from a VC will take such a large chunk of your equity, that you will have only a tiny portion left after subsequent rounds.

If your goal is to get your technology developed and Cryptocurrency Investor

you may be satisfied with a small return on all of your hard work. I have met many entrepreneurs who feel that way when they are raising an investment, but feel very different when the company is sold and they are left with nothing but the ability to point to the technology and say “I invented that.”

If you are selling a product and growing revenue, but are desperate for cash, raising venture capital is a good way to lose a large portion of your company because while you are raising money, you will only become more desperate and willing to take any deal that is put on the table.

When To Raise Venture Capital

Seed capital – if you have a working prototype and have a reasonable expectation of multiple orders upon manufacture, seed capital ($3-5 million) may be just the thing to build your manufacturing facilities or complete your product design. If you actually have a product and actual (I mean, real, ready with cash) customers prepared to buy your product, you may be looking at giving up 20% or so at this stage.

Growth capital – if you have been selling your product and just can’t keep up with demand, a second stage round may be appropriate. Let me be clear, you need this capital to increase your production or to hire more salespeople to handle more territories or hire customer service people. Again, you may give up another 20% of your equity.

Acquisitions – if the best way to grow your business is to acquire your competitors or a complementary service, venture capital is a good source of capital as well. The amount you give up depends on the deals you are making and where you are.

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PPC Marketing Can Help Your Business

In today’s internet savvy world where the websites exceed the number of users itself, it is very difficult for every business owner to appear on the first page of Google, and of course, having an online business needs an immense deal of promotion, especially if it is new. For those who appear on the top most page of Google, congrats, and for those who are still struggling to reach the top, in spite of providing finest products and services, Google has got something for you to be happy about -Google Pay Per Click Advertising.

On being one of the most effective ways, PPC is a powerful resource in maximizing your return-on-investment (ROI) and generating direct cash flow. It is an alternative to SEO on which more and more companies rely on to boost sales.

Presented in this article, are the top benefits PPC services can provide to help your business.

Instant Results

If you want to learn how to use google ads, then Google Pay per Click advertising is no doubt a quicker solution to get instant results in terms of generating more traffic to a website as compared to search engine optimization because it is much faster and makes your website visible on the top page once your PPC campaign with Google goes live. In your PPC campaign you define the amount you are ready to pay per click, which lets you to outbid your competitors potentially. The best way to decide on your bid and manage your PPC campaign is to consult PPC experts from a well renowned PPC management company. PPC experts not just know the in and out of Google Pay Per Click advertising but also helps you choose the best bid.

Cost Control

The best benefit of opting for PPC services is that your cost control is in your hands and you decide how much you are willing to spend on every campaign. This is among the finest ways that ensure your marketing plan for various products or services you offer. If suppose you want to spend $40 for product X daily and $70 for the product named Y, you can choose an amount as per your convenience.

Geographically Targeted

The key benefit of using PPC services is that you can target your visitors on geographical basis. Suppose, if you want to target the potential customers in Paris, you do not need to have physical store in Paris, all you need to do is set and select Paris as your targeted area and you will get targeted customers from Paris to your website.

Although Google Pay per Click advertising is the best option to reach the top immediately but a PPC campaign needs complete dedication and time and that is the reason why hiring PPC experts from a well renowned SEO company gets better and more beneficial results.

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